Department of Music

Genevieve Allotey-Pappoe Hired as Brown University Assistant Professor of Music

Genevieve Allotey-Pappoe begins her appointment at Brown on July 1, 2024.

The Department of Music is thrilled to announce the hire of Genevieve Allotey-Pappoe, who will be joining us as Assistant Professor of Music in July. Allotey-Pappoe explores the global circulation of Black music genres, tracing music’s multiple mediations as it moves across disparate places and through different formats. She is about to defend her dissertation (“Between Acousmatic Blackness and Blacksound: The Cultural Politics of Black Music in Spain”) at Princeton University. A multi-instrumentalist, Allotey-Pappoe plays the piano,  djembe, and West African gyil xylophone. Two years ago, Allotey-Pappoe launched a podcast, Black Music Nomad, in which she interviews Black musicians working in a range of musical environments across the globe. At Brown, Allotey-Pappoe will collaborate with Prof. Lumumba-Kasongo’s Black Music Lab, hosted by the Brown Arts Institute. This fall, Allotey-Pappoe will be offering a graduate seminar on the historiography of Black Musics and in the spring, she plans to offer an undergraduate class on African Popular Music. We are very excited for the new avenues of intellectual exploration that will be opened up for the Brown community.