Department of Music

Individual Lessons

Students seeking to improve their playing or singing ability have the option of taking individual private lessons with about thirty professional musicians from the greater Boston-Providence area.

Lessons are offered for academic credit and for an additional fee through the Applied Music Program (AMP). New students audition at the beginning of the fall and the spring semesters. Our Teaching Associates offer intensive instruction in piano, voice, and all the individual instrument families of the symphony orchestra, the wind ensemble and jazz ensemble. Students may also study instruments such as organ, African drums, harpsichord, tabla, and sitar. Students are expected to attend and perform in the group classes, master classes, and juries arranged for their instrument group over the course of the term.


General policy for the AMP is made by the Music Department faculty, subject to approval by the Administration and Corporation. The Chair of the Department of Music is the director of the program and responsible for its administration.

Division administrators, appointed annually and reporting to the Chair, are responsible for administration of their divisions. The following are division administrators this year:


Strings, Harp, and Classical Guitar

Voice (Classical and Musical Theatre)

Jazz (All Instruments) and Winds, Brass, Percussion (Classical)

South Asian Music (Sitar, Tabla, or any instrument)

AMP Guidelines

The Applied Music Program is a series of private instrumental and vocal instruction courses at the intermediate and advanced levels (MUSC0810 & 1810 respectively). Restricted to trained musicians of demonstrated skill and commitment, the program enables students to continue applied musical studies while at Brown.

See the Guidelines