Department of Music


Students may choose to join one of the department's many performing groups

Participation in Chamber Music Performance is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, as well as RISD students.
The Brown University Chorus is a great way to meet a wide range of undergraduate and graduate students, while working toward a high artistic goal of beautiful singing.
Ghanaian Drumming and Dancing (MUSC0640) is a dynamic course in the performance of contemporary drumming and dancing styles of West Africa.
Gongs and percussion instruments made of tuned metal are found throughout Southeast Asia. In Java (an island in the Republic of Indonesia), ensembles built around such instruments are called gamelan.
Jazz at Brown has a history as old as the style itself.
Fiddlers, banjo-players, mandolinists and guitarists play the high, lonesome sounds of traditional Southern Appalachian Mountain music in Brown's old-time string band.
Participation in the Brown University Orchestra is open to all members of the Brown community: undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff.
There is no musical institution more imbedded in American history than a concert band. With its strong sense of community and participatory consensus, the Brown University Wind Symphony reflects the unique ethos of the college itself.
This ensemble focuses on global percussive and song traditions, especially those of the African diaspora (based on instructor's vast musical experiences).