Department of Music

Music Making

The Department of Music at Brown offers a huge array of performing opportunities, all available for academic credit.

All Brown students are eligible to participate in our performance opportunities, regardless of their concentration.


Students may choose to join one of the department's many performing groups, including orchestra, chorus, wind symphony, or jazz band. They may also wish to audition to participate in chamber music performance, or take part in one of our many ethnomusicology ensembles, such as Ghanaian drumming and dancing, Old-Time string band, or Javanese Gamelan. Rehearsals take place in the evenings and an effort has been made to schedule the ensemble meetings so students may participate in more than one performance group if they wish.

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For an additional fee, students may elect to take private lessons through our Applied Music Program. Approximately thirty professional musicians from the greater Boston-Providence area provide weekly instruction in voice, keyboard, and all the wind, string, brass and percussion instruments. We also make it possible for students to study instruments such as tabla, sitar, or the oud.

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