Department of Music

University Organist Mark Steinbach's Latest Release, Resonance & Resilience: Dresden

A newly published recording by Brown University Organist and Distinguished Senior Lecturer featuring music by Bach, Buxtehude, Heiller, Messiaen, Eric Nathan, and Wang Lu.

Surviving strife and wars over centuries, Dresden's resilience is celebrated by Brown University Organist and Distinguished Senior Lecturer Mark Steinbach in “Resonance & Resilience: Dresden," an album he recorded on the largest and last Gottfried Silbermann organ, completed in 1755 at the Hofkirche in Dresden (now the Roman Catholic Cathedral). The program includes six works by J. S. Bach and pieces by Buxtehude, Anton Heiller, Olivier Messiaen, as well as the premiere recordings of works composed by Brown University colleagues Wang Lu and Eric Nathan, which were premiered live by Steinbach at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. “Resonance & Resilience: Dresden" is published by RAVEN, and it is available now via streaming and download on 150 digital platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon music, as well as on compact disc.