Department of Music

New Music Performance Grant at Brown

The New Music Performance Grant @ Brown seeks applicants from outside of Brown University. Featured composers this year are Nick Bentz and Inga Chinilina.

The New Music Performance Grant @ Brown aims to promote performances of contemporary music with an emphasis on works by living composers. Candidates will be from outside of Brown University. The grant will provide two selected performers or ensembles with an honorarium of $850 each, an opportunity to present a concert at Brown University, and the possibility of collaborating with a composer from the university. With this initiative, you can either discuss performance details of a pre-selected work or choose to collaborate on a new work.

Grant recipients each will perform two concerts of new music that include music by the university-affiliated composer of their choice. One concert should be given at Brown University (in Providence, Rhode Island). The second concert should be given at a location of the performer’s choosing. If traveling to Providence represents a challenge to the grant recipients, they are welcome to perform both recitals at the locations of their choosing. Do note that funds can not be provided for travel or lodging, but a performer’s inability to come to Providence will not affect the status of their application.

The featured composers for this year’s cycle are Nick Bentz and Inga Chinilina. A list of their works is available at the following links:

- Nick Bentz
- Inga Chinilina

When applying, you can select which composer you wish to feature or work with. You can also choose to feature the music of both composers. If you are selected by both, you will receive a single honorarium of $1700 with the same stipulations outlined above. You can send in multiple applications as a soloist or as a member of an ensemble. There is no application fee.

Eligibility: performers (solo or ensembles) with a history of performances. There is no age minimum or maximum, or residency requirement. If selected you are responsible for taxes and related paperwork in order to process payment.

Application requirements:

- Links to two (2) performances (audio or video)
- List of performances from the past year (pdf)
- List of planned performances for the next year (pdf)
- Current repertoire (pdf)
- Proposed concert program containing either Nick or Inga's music (pdf)
- If choosing to collaborate on a new work, a brief proposal (150-500 words)


- Submission deadline: 01/01/24
- Recipients announced: 01/15/24
- Performance deadline: 06/28/24