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Luis Achondo PhD '21 Receives Three-Year Postdoctoral Appointment; Article Published in Soccer & Society

Luis Achondo receives appointment as Fondecyt Postdoctoral Fellow at Pontificia Universidad Católica. Also, an article by Achondo was recently published in the journal Soccer & Society.

Luis Achondo received his PhD in Ethnomusicology from Brown University in 2021. For the past year, he has been working as a HILLS Postdoctoral Scholar in the Humanities at Case Western Reserve University. Achondo will soon begin a three-year Fondecyt Postdoctoral Fellowship at Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile. Congratulations, Luis, on this prestigious appointment!

In other news...

The journal Soccer & Society just last week published an article by Achondo: "The silent majority: social and aural silence in the games of Chile Men’s national football team." The abstract follows below.

This article discusses the socio-aural dynamics surrounding the games of Chile Men's national team. I argue that these events echo and make audible larger forms of inequality and marginalization in Chilean society. These events have prioritized middle-class citizens who rarely attend football games. This has brought a mode of fandom that is characterized by silence and observation. Informed by practices of watching football on television and notions of liberal democratic citizenship, these fans attend the stadium to watch good, successful football in tranquillity while exhibiting tolerant, respectable behaviour. In silencing the stadium’s soundscape, however, these socio-sonic dynamics have also silenced the claims of working-class citizens to participate in the public life of the nation. The essay thus foregrounds the metaphorical and aural affordances of silence, relating them to social inequality and segregation.

Visit Taylor & Francis Online to read Achondo's full Soccer & Society article.