Department of Music

Frederick Jodry's edition of Florilegium Portense published on 400th anniversary of the original collection

Frederick JodryFrederick Jodry, Senior Lecturer in Music and Director or Choral Activities, celebrates the release of a new edition of sixteen double-choir motets by the composer Martin Roth. AR Editions released the book this past June for the 400th anniversary of the original collection, Florilegium Portense, first published in Leipzig in 1621.

Jodry writes "This collection of vocal music was widely used in central Germany for at least 150 years. During Bach’s 27-year tenure in Leipzig, a motet from the Florilegium was sung at the beginning of each Sunday service. Thanks are due to the Music Department and the Brown Arts Institute for sabbatical time in Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig for work on this volume."

Congratulations, Fred!