Department of Music

Luis Achondo, PhD Musicology and Ethnomusicology, Successfully Defends Dissertation

This week, Luis Achondo successfully defended his dissertation, "The Sounds of Aguante: Sonic (Anti)sociality, Transnationalism, and Violent Conflict in the Soccer Culture of the Southern Cone."

AchondoDrawing on ethnographic material from long-term fieldwork in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, his dissertation examines the ontological overlap of sociality and anti-sociality in the sonic practices of the transnational soccer fandom of the Latin American Southern Cone. He previously researched the role of music in the work of writer Pedro Lemebel and Andrés Segovia’s mediation of the history of the classical guitar. His projects have been funded by Fulbright, Tinker, and Conicyt, and his work has been published in edited volumes and the Journal of Musicological Research. He has also been awarded the LACSEM Paper Prize.

Congratulations, Dr. Achondo!