Department of Music

Kathleen Haughey and Louis-Emmanuel Wenger, PhD Ethnomusicology, Defend Dissertations

The Department of Music is proud to announce that ethnomusicologists Kathleen (Kate) Haughey and Louis-Emmanuel Wenger successfully defended their dissertations last month.

Kate Haughey defended her dissertation "Rhythms of Life: The Revival of Sakela by Kirat Rai Refugees in Vermont.” For her MA, Kathleen co-led an audio documentary project with Mbyá-Guarani musicians in southern Brazil. This project focused on the importance of negotiation and collaboration in small, community-led ethnographic projects. Haughey is the Executive Director at the Vermont Folklife Center. Congratulations, Dr. Haughey!

Louis-Emmanuel Wenger defended his dissertation "Music in Bandar Abbas: An Ethnography of an Iranian Port City." Louis specializes in the musics of Centra Asia and the Middle East, with a strong emphasis on Iran and the wider Persian speaking world. Additionally, his interest extends to West Africa and the Maghreb. Bravo, Dr. Wenger!