Department of Music

A Preview of Music at Brown this Fall

We are looking forward to welcoming our musical community back, whether you will be on campus or studying remoting.

Music making will look rather different on campus this fall. Because of the pandemic, many of our usual activities needed to be put on hold or transformed. Brown has a strict mask policy and masks must be worn at all times when around other people with no exceptions. This means no collective wind instrument playing, and so sadly we cannot offer Jazz Band or Wind Symphony; Orchestra and Chorus will take very different forms. There are also strict rules around singing: singing can only happen outside, with masks, and physically distanced (there is no indoor collective singing, even with masks). As long as it is safe to do so, we will still have some in-person ensembles: Old Time String Band, Gamelan, and Ghanaian Drumming. AMP lessons, chamber ensembles, and jazz combos will happen through both in-person and remote instruction. All wind and vocal instruction will take place remotely (it is possible to use a practice room space solo for wind playing and singing). More information about auditions will be posted within the next few days.

We are also planning very carefully around our spaces, both to ensure appropriate square footage (which means using Grant and Fulton for most instruction) and to have a schedule that allows our spaces to air out between uses. We are also working on  safety guidelines and protocols around our studio spaces in Steinert, so please look out for more information on that front soon. Use of our spaces will involve a collective commitment from everyone to abide by the schedules and to participate in cleaning and sanitizing.

Last semester, a number of our ensembles undertook impressive remote recording projects (we are in the process of making a web page to feature these projects!) and we recognize that it is very likely many of you will undertake similar projects this semester. In addition, since it is not possible to have events with large audiences, we know that many ensembles will want to focus on making a recording in lieu of a final concert. To this end, we will look to hire undergraduate teaching assistants who are interested in assisting with recording and editing. Please help spread the word that these positions will be available.

We know this will be a strange semester even if all goes according to plan. We also recognize that we are living in a time of rapid change and any number of things could overturn any or all of our carefully laid plans. We are committed to doing whatever we  can to support our musical community through all of this! 

Last, we invite all students involved (or hoping to be involved) in Music to please take a moment to fill out this brief survey.