Department of Music

Performance Spotlight: Jazz Combo Plays "Binky"

Please enjoy this excellent recorded performance by students from one of our Jazz Combos.


Video is embedded below, but if you have any difficulty playing it within this website, you may open the video via this link and view it on YouTube. What follows are some words of introduction by Paul Mason, Jazz Combo Coach and Teaching Associate (and participant in the video on congas and percussion):

When the pandemic caused Brown University to suspend live performances, and ultimately shut down, just before the spring concert, we had to rethink how to proceed. This group, which met weekly on Tuesday evenings opted to create a "remote recording" of the 4 compositions we had prepared for that concert. This is the first of those performances.

The group includes Marcus Bartholomew on trombone, Maggie Levandoski on alto sax, David Paine on guitar, Kadin Sullivan on piano and violin, and Jack Riley on drums, and for this track, electric bass. Our string bassist, Ishaani Khatri, couldn't make this one. Special Thanks to Boston/Worcester area bassist Jerry Wilfong for the great job editing the video for us!

Bravo to the Tuesday night Jazz Combo!