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the space of a door: Boston Modern Orchestra Project Releases an Album of Professor Eric Nathan's Music

On May 19, 2020, The Boston Modern Ochestra Project (BMOP) released a full album of music composed by Brown University Assistant Professor of Music Eric Nathan.


A CD of According to BMOP's press release,

This album frames a body of work that spans eight years (2008-2016), from Nathan’s student days to the present. The most recent piece is the album’s eponymous track, the space of a door. Dedicated to the composer’s mentor Steven Stucky, it was premiered in 2016 by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Often inspired by engaging with old places such as historic churches, cathedrals or concert halls, Nathan’s creative energy was sparked for the space of a door by the Providence Athenaeum built in 1836. “Mr. Nathan’s cinematic the space of a door directly borrows from Brahms, taking its opening gesture from the motif that starts the Second Symphony. Rich with asynchronous strings, and full of light and shade, it hurtles toward a nostalgic end. Engaging, from a voice we will hear more of.” (The New York Times)

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Listen to the space of a door on Spotify here.

Bravo, Professor Nathan!