Department of Music

Accessing and Requesting Music Spaces

Department of Music policies and details about how to access our spaces. In most cases, authorization and reservation are required.

Access to Steinert Practice Center

All users of a valid Brown University ID card may swipe in at the exterior doors of Steinert (at 148 Power St.) to access the Steinert practice rooms on the basement level. Use of the spaces is first-come/first-served. Hours of operation: 7am-3am from September-May; 8am-12am from June-August.

RISD students are eligible to use the Steinert practice rooms, too, and may request temporary, sponsored access. RISD students should send a request for a Sponsored ID via email to Please provide full name, date of birth, RISD email address, and mailing address.

If any user has a problem with their card access, send an email with Brown ID card number to or call 401-863-3234.

Music Event Space Requests

Any user of a Music Department space must have signed Music faculty permission to request and reserve the room/hall. The Music faculty sponsor must be able to attend the final event(s), and must attend any and all rehearsals that are scheduled in the space requested.

All requestors must return the fully-completed Space Request Form to the Department of Music Events Coordinator in Orwig Room 101 no later than 3 weeks before the event is to occur. Requests for space and/or equipment made less than 3 weeks before an event may not be accommodated. Submitting a request is not confirmation of space. Requestors will receive a confirmation email. The Department of Music may require a walkthrough of the space before approving the request.

The Department of Music does not provide tech support. The Department provides the space and safety personnel. Requestors are responsible for all design, set up, and operation of audio, visual, lighting and other tech needs.

This includes the requestors' own laptop and dongles if they require a computer during the event. Instrument/equipment requirements may be procured through Facilities, Media Services or an outside vendor if the requestor cannot provide their own. Please give a copy of any related order form(s) to the Department of Music Events Coordinator.

Music Space Request Form


Contact Julia Craig, Events Coordinator.

About Access to Brown University Recording Studios

Our recording/production studios and equipment are for the use of students and faculty working on music studio related coursework or research. Student use will be limited to rooms that are relevant to each student's class work as determined by class instructors and teaching assistants. The studios include: Steinert room 101, and all 2nd floor spaces at Steinert: Steinert Control Room (rm 208), Steinert Tracking Room (205), Steinert Project Studio (211), the Synth Room (204), the Shop (214), and the Grad Studio (213). A Studio Help Guide is available here.

All students who are engaged in Music coursework or research should already have been briefed directly by the faculty member or the director of the studios regarding the policies of access. If you believe you meet the conditions of our policy but do not know how to gain access, you may contact James Moses, Technical Director.

Policies for Other Music Spaces

Orwig Music Building

The Department of Music main office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:00 from September-May and 8:00-4:00 from June-August. University students, faculty, and staff who meet the conditions of access and wish to reserve space in Orwig may write to Julia Craig, Events Coordinator.

Morrison-Gerard Studios

These Studios are reserved for instruction during but not limited to our normal business hours of 8:30-5:00 Monday-Friday from September through May. The Studios are generally closed during the summer. Beyond those business hours, we provide access to Morrison-Gerard Studios to pianists enrolled in the Applied Music Program, percussionists who have faculty permission, and Chamber Music ensembles seeking time to practice without their coach. Students who meet the conditions of access and have questions may write to Drew Moser, Academic Program and Outreach Coordinator.

Fulton Rehearsal Hall

Fulton is reserved for use by reservation by approved groups and individuals only.

Grant Recital Hall

Grant is reserved for use by reservation by approved groups and individuals only. If you are seeking to hold an event in Grant, our policies are detailed above under "Music Event Space Requests."

More Information

Information about using Department of Music spaces is available in our Music Building Access Google doc.