Department of Music


  • Cooper Cardone

    Cooper Cardone ‘23 is a singer/composer from Rhode Island concentrating in Music and Theatre Arts. His experience comes primarily from choral and theatrical performance, but at Brown he has broadened his interests to incorporate composition, music direction, and music production. Cooper is a part of the Brown University Chorus and participates in acapella and student theatre on campus.

  • Hiro Cho

    Hiro Cho ‘23 is pursuing theories of music, drawing from continental European philosophy and musicology’s scholarships on voice, performance, and bodies. Main interests circle around the question of Being, phenomenological hermeneutics, and the problems of identity in musical experiences. Influences include Martin Heidegger, Plato, Carolyn Abbate, Hans-Georg Gadamer, and Judith Butler. 

  • Caroline Dressler

    Caroline Dressler ’23 is a violinist/fiddler from Arlington, MA concentrating in biology and music. After having spent a year studying contemporary improvisation in the Tufts/New England Conservatory dual degree program, she is excited to engage her interest in traditional music idioms through studies in ethnomusicology. At Brown, Caroline has been involved in the Orchestra and the World Music Ensemble; extracurricularly, she performs with several traditional/contemporary Celtic ensembles including Giulia Haible and Caroline DresslerScottish Fish, and Lampyridae. Caroline is also active in a number of Brown environmental and interfaith groups.

  • photo of Emma Giventer-Braff

    Emma Giventer-Braff

    Emma Giventer-Braff '23 is a classical soprano and aspiring music academic. She enjoys singing opera and art song, and also studying musicology, music theory, and composition. She also concentrates in linguistics, and studies individual modern languages. She is President of Brown Opera Productions, is writing her first opera (called I Capture the Castle), and interns for an NYC nonprofit that brings music to the homebound and elderly.

  • photo of Aaron Gruen

    Aaron Gruen

    Aaron Gruen ’23, from Germany, concentrates in Music and Chemistry. He is especially interested in cello performance and modern classical as well as prog-rock music. In his Junior year he spent a semester studying cello at the Prague Conservatory. He is also an avid chamber musician with his piano quintet, has a teaching studio at Moses Brown School, and leads the group Healing Through Harmony, brining music to hospitals and prisons. Outside of music, he works in a chemistry lab and is a member of the Brown running club.

  • Elana Hausknecht

    Elana Hausknecht ‘22.5 is an undergraduate studying music and urban studies. Currently, she’s been taking time away from school to work in public parks with Americorps and, more recently, to participate in political organizing in RI and NY. Elana plays trumpet with Mariachi de Brown, rides the RIPTA, dialogues through (and about) writing, and listens to construction sites. For more:

  • photo of Rebecca Rosenzweig

    Rebecca Rosenzweig

    Rebecca Rosenzweig ‘23 is an undergraduate studying Neuroscience and Music. She is mostly interested in classical cello performance and theory, participating in AMP and Chamber at Brown. She has recently been exploring different music styles in her studies. Outside of music, Rebecca works at CareerLAB as a PCA and at The Bradley Sleep Lab as a sleep technician and doing research.

  • photo of Ben West

    Ben West

    Ben West '22.5 is an undergraduate studying music and performance studies. They are interested in free improvisation, soundpainting, bridging classical, noise, and rock sensibilities and unearthing whacky and unruly sounds. Ben likes to think about how their body and their memories are related to communal music making practices. Ben loves to make music with everyone and everything around them! Ben loves to ski, do weird dances, backpack, and make bizarre sounds.